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Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I find the right therapist for me?

This can be challenging, particularly if you've never had therapy before. Looking to engage in therapy usually comes from feeling overwhelmed, confused and distressed - which makes choosing even harder. You'll only really know if you've found a therapist who is right for you after you have started working with them. However, there are points to bear in mind that can help guide your initial choice. Start by considering what type of therapy is likely to suit you best.

- What type of therapy will suit me best?

There are so many kinds to choose from. The truth is, the similarities between therapies are much greater than the differences. None has been shown to be consistently more effective than another (effectiveness depends mainly on the strength of the relationship you and your therapist build together) - but it is helpful to think whether you prefer a more structured approach (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), or one which is more exploratory (such as Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) where the experience is more one of your therapist by your side rather than leading from the front.

- What I offer

While my approach is exploratory, that doesn't mean I never offer any guidance (for example, I may suggest techniques for helping to manage overwhelming distress). To start with I would offer you an initial appointment where I will encourage you to tell me what brings you to therapy and ask you some questions about yourself. Just as importantly, this initial assessment will be an opportunity for you to ask me questions to help you decide if I am the right therapist for you. If I am, we can arrange further sessions. If not, I will try to offer suggestions as to who might be more suitable.

- How long do sessions last and how many will I need?

Sessions are 50 minutes. At the first session we can discuss how many sessions might be needed and either agree on a fixed number of sessions or leave it open ended.

- How confidential is it?

All sessions are kept strictly confidential - nothing you tell me will be disclosed to anyone else, subject to the following important ethical and legal limits:
1) As part of maintaining a professional practice, I will at times discuss my work with a qualified supervisor.
2) Where there is a serious and immediate risk of harm to you or to another I may be required both ethically and/or legally to lift confidentiality. This lifting of confidentiality may also be required in certain judicial or administrative proceedings. In any such circumstances I will always, if at all practicable, discuss this with you first.

I abide with the General Data Protection Regulations.

- How much will it cost?

My usual fee is £65 per session.

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