Psychotherapy in Sheffield Stefan Williams

Counselling and Psychotherapy both provide the time and space for you to share and explore whatever you wish in confidence.
You may have a specific concern, such as a relationship difficulty, a problem at work or a lack of self-confidence.
You may have experienced a loss in your life, either recently or a while ago and are finding yourself unable to move on.
You may be depressed, anxious, stressed or experiencing a general dissatisfaction with life and want to understand more about yourself and the way you relate to others.

Taking the opportunity to talk to someone outside your situation is likely to help you to see things more clearly and to support you to find ways to make new choices.

Counselling usually has a specific focus and may be for a set number of sessions. Psychotherapy is often more open ended and aims to work at greater depth – helping you to explore the underlying patterns of relating that you have developed and to understand how these are affecting you now.

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